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If you have a preference for a 'Pre-pay' or a 'Bill pay' plan you can select it here. However, it is suggested that you select 'Don't Mind' as plans in either of these categories may suit your mobile needs.

Enter the total number of mobile minutes you use in making calls to other mobiles land lines and voice mail.

If you are unsure as to how many minutes you use, you can estimate it by looking at your most recent bill or alternatively, if you are a pre-paid customer by reference to the approximate number of calls you make which as a rough estimate last approximately 1 minute each.

The term on-net calls means calls you make to the same network that you yourself use. So for example if your phone is supplied by Network X then all calls to other subscribers to Network X are deemed 'on-net' calls.

Off-net calls refer to calls made to any other network than the one that you are using. So using the earlier example a call to a subscriber of Network Y would be referred to as an 'off-net' call.

per month

Enter the percentage of calls you make to other mobile phones.

This percentage is used to determine how many minutes gets allocated to calls to fixed lines as opposed to mobile numbers.

So if you think that around 20% of your calls are to fixed lines then you should set this figure (use the slider to assist you) to 80% so that the calculator can allocate 80% of your call time to being calls to other mobile phones.



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