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Questions relating to mobile telephony

This section includes the most frequently asked questions up to now by the users of the tariff simulator. If you do not find the answer to one of your questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at the following address:

If this question is often asked, we will integrate it in this “FAQ”

These questions concern the comparisons made by the simulator between the tariff plans on the calls made from a mobile telephone.

Why do I have to communicate the total number of minutes for each type of call?

The charged tariffs can vary according to the type of call. In order to guarantee that the call costs are correctly reflected, the simulator must split your usage minutes between the different types of calls.

Why do I have to indicate the moment when I’m making calls?

The tariff charged by operators can depend on the time you make the call. If for example, you make most of your calls during the weekend, the simulator must take it into account.