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Internet - Broadband simulator - Model assumptions

This page describes the various assumptions that are used by the broadband simulator. Assumptions are necessary to perform an accurate calculation.

Assumptions have to be made either because the user does not know the useful data or because the introduction of all the necessary data would render the use of the simulator not much user-friendly.

Below is a grid that shows the current assumptions on a real-time basis for Malta. After the grid a detailed description of each assumption is provided together with a description of how it is used.

Broadband assumptions
Average amount of time spent online 30 hours/month
Average amount of data transferred per month 5 Gb/month
Average number of days spent online per month 15 days/month

Assumption name Description
Average amount of time spent online The average time spent online assumption is used to determine the amount of time spent online by the user when he doesn't know the answer himself Some broadband plans charge based on the amount of time spent connected.
Average data transfer per month The average monthly data transfer volume is used when the consumer is not sure of how much data he transfers on a monthly basis. Some broadband plans have limits on the amount of data transferred and may charge extra for amounts above the specified threshold.
Average number of days spent online per month Some mobile datacard based broadband plans charge a fee for each day the consumer connects to the internet. This assumption is used to calculate the average monthly cost of these types of plans.