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How it works

The tool is simple to use.

  1. Select the service, of your choice, whether it is for mobile, fixed or Internet services or a bundled offer.
  2. Enter some information on the way you use the services, for example, in the case of telephony, how many calls you make, how long these calls last and so on [or estimated use if you are a new user].
  3. Click on the 'Search' button. The calculator will produce a list of the best-priced tariff plans currently available that best match your usage patterns. In addition, the calculator will also provide an estimate of the monthly costs you would incur if you had to select any of the tariff plans matched to your needs..
  4. The results will be displayed in the form of a list, sorted according to costs per month and will also include:
    • the name of the operator;
    • the name of the tariff plan;
    • the distinctive features of the tariff plan (coverage, qualitative ,aspects, itemized billing, etc.)

Price is not everything! The conditions of service and the quality related information is also important for you take the best purchase decision possible. The list of results will also give you some indications in this regard.

You have the possibility of refining the results by identifying additional requirements, that are equally important to you other than price, by using the quality filter provided.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The MCA disclaims all responsibility in the event that the result delivered by the tariff comparison tool does not correspond to the tariffs and supply conditions of electronic communications networks or services currently applied by the relevant operators.